E-bike point Dubrovnik

Breeze around Dubrovnik on an e-bike, for a relaxed local experience!

E-bike point Dubrovnik

Breeze around Dubrovnik on an e-bike, for a relaxed local experience!

E-bike point Dubrovnik

Fun, easy and eco-friendly way to enjoy Dubrovnik.


per day  (cash only)

(until 10 p.m.)

bike, helmet, padlock & list of best places to visit included

E-bike is the ideal way to explore Dubrovnik at your own pace, without ever tiring.

Explore the beautiful city of Dubrovnik on two wheels, assisted by electric power. Old City is off-limits for any wheels, even ecological ones like–bikes. However, there are plenty of other spectacular sites and vistas in, around, and above the city that you might want to explore.

Zip around Lapad and its lovely beaches. Roam the Dubrovnik routes with their unforgettable vistas. With an e-bike, you can easily climb the hills surrounding the city for breathtaking views.

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Why e-bike?

See more Dubrovnik in less time.

Whether you want to explore Dubrovnik on your own or under the lead of our expert guide, rest assured you will see more of Dubrovnik than on foot in less time. E-bikes enable taking greater distances with less effort and faster. Hop on your wondrous e-bike and let the vistas glide. Stop whenever and wherever you want. You can tailor your e-bike ride in whatever way you like it.
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The boost of power for your Dubrovnik experience

The electric-assisted bikes offer a boost of power that is much appreciated by newcomers to cycling or anyone who doesn’t have the fitness level required for ordinary cycling.

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E-bikes are a brilliant choice for:

Couples. Couples can now cycle together without being hindered by their differing levels of abilities, enjoying their shared time in a pleasant and beneficial physical activity.

Multigenerational families. Families will love bikes that favor younger and older alike. Cycling together is a great vacation memory for every family member.

Groups with diverse members.  E-bike will smooth the bumps that sometimes arise when some members of the group may not be able to go as fast as others. E-bikes allow everyone to take part.

First-time cyclists. Newcomers can relax and step out of their comfort zone because they don’t have to worry about being too slow.

Individuals with infirmities. With an e-bike, anyone recovering from injuries can still enjoy an active vacation.

Anyone and everyone. Even seasoned cyclists and fitness aficionados will enjoy the low-level exertion offered by e-bikes, at least as a welcome pause between adrenaline activities.