E-bike point Dubrovnik

After a great day on your e-bike, refreshment is a must!

True to its name, Bacchus Bistro is a place where

Great food, excellent drinks, and pleasant company

are at the fore, a must-visit Dubrovnik venue. A perfect place for ultimate brunches or casual wine and dine hangout with friends, Bacchus Bistro is an authentic urban Mediterranean oasis loved by locals from all walks of life.
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Situated at Lapad, Bacchus Bistro is an homage to the urban charter of Dubrovnik and its people who are adept at combining hard work with leisure and fun. Very much an extension of the living room and terrace, this is a place where friends gather to relax and enjoy an amazing atmosphere any hour of the day or night.

In short, Bacchus Bistro is the epitome of the Mediterranean lifestyle, a place for people to share meals and toast, laugh, and enjoy simple, timeless moments in good company: a place of the everyday feast.

At Bacchus Bistro, we believe in an unfussy and affordable culinary culture, emphasizing fresh, high-quality local ingredients. Drawing on the rich culinary tradition of the Dubrovnik area – the blessed land of sun and sea, olive, and wine – our menu undergoes seasonal changes, always driven by fresh ingredients. We aim at peak food experiences, the hearty and simple dishes that are as satisfying and memorable as Dubrovnik.

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Catering to all tastes and food preferences, our dishes are Mediterranean with a bit of eclectic flair. The fusion of coastal Croatian and Japanese cuisine forms the basis of our tuna tartare, tuna tataki, gyoza, and shrimp tempura. Besides our signature brunch, you can choose among plenty of tasty entrees such as a selection of sheep and goat cheese with figs concasse, walnuts, and olives, or a choice of famed Croatian cured meat consisting of Dalmatian Prosciutto, Slavonian black pig, and Istrian Lardo. Our menu offers meals for any time of the day, including savory bruschetta, a variety of fresh seasonal salads, seafood, tuna or beef steak, desserts, and many more.


Made with love, our plates guarantee an explosion of flavors deserving a sip of world-famous Croatian wines. With over 300 geographically defined regions and over 2,600 registered winemakers – a phenomenal number for such a small country – Croatia is a true treasure trove for wine lovers. Our wine selection celebrates the millennia-long Croatian winemaking tradition. To this end, we host special evening wine events presenting top-quality yet undiscovered or less known Croatian winemakers.

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